Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cubains trying to escape Spanish suficating control

Over the past hundreds of years the Spanish have had control over Puerto Rico and Cuba! Well three years ago the Cubans decided enough was enough and they wanted to become free from the harsh rule of Spain. They had strongly demanded for freedom and the right to self- govern themselves, Spanish have refused to fulfill that request. More than just refusing to allow them to become free the Spanish have taken a drastic step by putting thousands of Cubans in prison camps, which was practically putting them to their death because so many die of starvation and disease.
Until recently this problem has not had much influence over us as Americans, but just a short time ago that changed. Our American businessmen have become fearful about their investments which they had previously made in sugar and tobacco plantations in Cuba. They feared they may lose money. As a result of this President McKinley had ordered the “Maine” (U.S. battleship) to Cuba, in order to protect us, the Americans property and even lives! Less than a month after the battleship got to the Cuban port, 260 men were killed in the explosion of it!!
As a result of what seemed to be an act of the Spanish congress declared war on Spain yesterday April 25, 1898.

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You seem to have a good understanding of why the United States wanted to go to war with Spain over Cuba. Be careful to proof-read for spelling in the future.